How to Employ the Best Applicant

Meagher & Geer partner, Debra Weiss, shares in presenting at the March 16, 2018, MRA Employment Law Update Conference. Debra’s presentation is titled How to Employ the Best Applicant.

This one-hour presentation will cover some of the more sticky issues that may arise during the hiring process in the areas of salary inquiries, criminal background checks and revelation of personal information during the interview process. The presentation will provide its audience with the following three goals:

  • Gaining a better understanding of whether to inquire about salary history during the interview process.  Understanding the current law on salary inquiries in Minnesota and other states and discussing the EEOC’s guidance on the topic.
  • Understanding the legal implications and risks associated with conducting criminal background checks.  Identifying the types of positions that require, or allow, criminal background check.  Reviewing the latest updates on the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the potential risks associated with conducting background searches outside the FCRA procedure.
  • Working through some real world examples to handle the inadvertent disclosure of personal information by applicants or recruiters during the hiring process, either directly or by recruiters.

To learn more about MRA or register for this program, please visit the MRA website.