Illinois International Association of Arson Investigators in cooperation with Illinois Fire Service Institute

Meagher & Geer partners Chad Stepan and Josh Iverson, with Technical Specialist, Fire Scientist David Bridges are on the faculty of the 31st Annual Fire Investigation Training Conference. This conference is held September 7-10, 2014, in Champaign, Illinois.

Chad, Josh and David will present on two separate topics Negative Corpus and Establishing Viable & Persuasive Theories in Forensic Investigation & Litigation. The Negative Corpus presentation addresses the impact of negative corpus on origin and cause investigations and litigation.

The Establishing Viable & Persuasive Theories in Forensic Investigation & Litigation presentation addresses making sense of the tangled net of data that an expert-attorney team encounters in an investigation and litigation and how to use that data to formulate and support opinions and be persuasive to a decision maker.

To learn more about this conference or to register, please visit the Illinois Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators website.

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