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Anti-Fraud Counseling and Litigation

Our Anti-Fraud Counseling and Litigation Team has handled thousands of cases in the past decade.  Based on our firm’s extensive experience serving the insurance industry, we confidently say that we have “few competitors” in our business.  The breadth and depth of our capabilities and the value that we provide is unparalleled.  The Team works closely with our insurance and corporate clients to offer fraud detection and prevention strategies.  Leatha Wolter, the practice group’s lead partner, is a highly respected defense lawyer and former prosecutor with extensive investigative and trial experience.  Our clients also benefit from our firm’s broad experience in the insurance industry.

Our anti-fraud work takes the form of litigation and arbitration. Our experience is wide ranging, our lawyers in this practice area have handled thousands of cases, including matters involving:

  • Arson
  • Business interruption
  • Theft
  • Fraudulent property loss
  • Healthcare provider fraud
  • Staged automobile accidents
  • Life insurance
  • Contract rescission due to misrepresentation

We have long-term relationships with forensic accountants and investigators supporting our effective evaluation of the fraud issues that corporations and insurers may face. On behalf of our clients we regularly interact with local, state and federal law enforcement, and regulatory agencies.

Leatha Wolter heads this practice area.  Please contact her for further information.

Key Contacts

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